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A Thousand and One (2023)

A Thousand and One - Movie Poster

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R 116 min - Opens 31 March 2023
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Tagline: Times change. Love stays the same.

Struggling but unapologetically living on her own terms, Inez is moving from shelter to shelter in mid-1990s New York City. With her 6-year-old son Terry in foster care and unable to leave him again, she kidnaps him so they can build their life together. As the years go by, their family grows and Terry becomes a smart yet quiet teenager, but the secret that has defined their lives threatens to destroy the home they have so improbably built.

Director:   A.V. Rockwell
Writers:     A.V. Rockwell
Collections:        A.V. Rockwell
Composer:       Gary Gunn
Cinematographer:    Eric Yue
Original Title:      A Thousand and One


Country:         United States of America
Language:       English
Release Date:    31 March 2023

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Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 56 min
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