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Anonymous Club (2022)

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Anonymous Club (2022)

NR 83 min - Opens 15 July 2022
Documentary, Music
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With unprecedented, intimate access to the private life of Courtney Barnett, this innovative and stylised 16mm feature documentary follows a paradoxically introverted performer and anti-influencer, who, at the height of success, is ready to walk away. Long-time collaborator Danny Cohen’s feature documentary reveals a woman who finds power in sharing her vulnerability. Recording her innermost thoughts on a Dictaphone over a period of three years, Courtney begins her slow acceptance of Danny Cohen’s camera. This unique filming process mirrors Courtney’s gradual search for purpose and emergence as an artist embracing her place in the world.

Director:   Danny Cohen
Writers:     Danny Cohen
Collections:                    Danny Cohen
Composer:                      Courtney Barnett
Cinematographer:        Danny Cohen
Original Title:               Anonymous Club


Country:                 Australia
Language:             English
Release Date:       15 July 2022

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Film Camp

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 23 min
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