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Antlers (2021)

Antlers - Movie Poster

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R 99 min - Opens 29 October 2021
Drama, Horror, Mystery
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Tagline: Pray it desires not you.

A young teacher discovers that her troubled student's father and younger brother harbor a deadly supernatural secret. Taking the boy into her care, the teacher must fight for their survival against horrors beyond imagination.

Director:   Scott Cooper
Writers:     Henry Chaisson, Nick Antosca, Scott Cooper
Collections:        Scott Cooper
Composer:       Javier Navarrete
Cinematographer:    Florian Hoffmeister
Original Title:      Antlers
Author:        Nick Antosca


Country:         Canada Mexico United States of America
Language:       English
Release Date:    29 October 2021

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Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 39 min
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