Behind the Line: Escape to Dunkirk (2020)

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Behind the Line: Escape to Dunkirk (2020)

TV-14 86 min - Opens 18 August 2020
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Tagline: The Greatest Prison Break Of World War II

Occupied France, 1940. A Nazi Commander discovers one of his prisoners, Danny is a champion boxer. He forces him to fight for his company's entertainment. But the POWs realise they can use these contests, as cover for an audacious breakout, before they re sent to Germany, where escape will be almost impossible. Their fate and freedom may all come down to how long Danny can keep fighting.

Director:   Ben Mole
Writers:     Ben Mole
Stars:         Sam Gittins, Joe Egan, Jennifer Martin
Collections:      Ben Mole
Composer:        Jez Spencer
Original Title:  Behind the Line: Escape to Dunkirk


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Country:                 United Kingdom
Language:             English
Release Date:       18 August 2020

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Production Companies:  Picture Perfect

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Runtime:  1 h 26 min
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