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Brian and Charles (2022)

Brian and Charles - Movie Poster

Brian and Charles (2022)

PG 90 min - Opens 17 June 2022
Comedy, Science Fiction
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Tagline: Some friendships are built to last.

An endearing outlier, Brian lives alone in a Welsh valley, inventing oddball contraptions that seldom work. After finding a discarded mannequin head, Brian gets an idea. Three days, a washing machine, and sundry spare parts later, he’s invented Charles, an artificially intelligent robot who learns English from a dictionary and proves a charming, cheeky companion. Before long, however, Charles also develops autonomy. Intrigued by the wider world — or whatever lies beyond the cottage where Brian has hidden him away — Charles craves adventure.

Director:   Jim Archer
Writers:     David Earl, Chris Hayward
Collections:      Jim Archer
Composer:        David Fish
Original Title:  Brian and Charles


Country:                 United Kingdom
Language:             English
Release Date:       17 June 2022

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Runtime:  1 h 30 min
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