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Cadaver (2020)

Cadaver - Movie Poster

Cadaver (2020)

TV-MA 86 min - Opens 22 October 2020
Drama, Horror, Thriller
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In the aftermath of a nuclear disaster, a starving family find hope in a charismatic hotel owner. Lured by the prospect of a free dinner, they discover that the evening's entertainment blurs the lines between performance and reality. Will they wind up the spectators or the spectacle? Netflix.

Director:   Jarand Herdal
Writers:     Jarand Herdal
Collections:                    Jarand Herdal
Composer:                      Jonathan Sigsworth
Cinematographer:        Jallo Faber
Original Title:               Kadaver


Country:                 Finland Norway
Language:             Norwegian
Release Date:       22 October 2020

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Motion Blur, SF Studios

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 26 min
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