Into the Beat (2020)

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Into the Beat (2021)

NR 98 min - Opens 16 April 2021
Drama, Romance
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Katya is a young, outstanding and upcoming ballet dancer. In just a few weeks she is due to have a major audition for the New York Ballet Academy and Katya has good chances of getting a scholarship. But when she meets a group of street-dancers the girl dives into a completely new world. Netflix.

Director:   Stefan Westerwelle
Producer:  Philipp Budweg
Writers:     Stefan Westerwelle, Hannah Schweier
Collections:      Stefan Westerwelle
Composer:        Andrej Melita
Original Title:  Into the Beat - Dein Herz tanzt


Country:                 Germany
Language:             English, French, German, Russian
Release Date:       16 April 2021

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Production Companies:  Lieblingsfilm

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 38 min
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