It (2017)

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It (2017)

R 135 min - Opens 17 August 2017
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Tagline: Your fears are unleashed.

In a small town in Maine, seven children known as The Losers Club come face to face with life problems, bullies and a monster that takes the shape of a clown called Pennywise.

Director:   Andy Muschietti
Writers:     Cary Fukunaga, Gary Dauberman, Chase Palmer
Stars:         Bill Skarsgård, Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Chosen Jacobs, Wyatt Oleff, Nicholas Hamilton, Owen Teague, Logan Thompson, Jake Sim, Jackson Robert Scott, Steven Williams, Javier Botet, Megan Charpentier, Stephen Bogaert, Ari Cohen, David Katzenberg, Cyndy Day, Pip Dwyer, Geoffrey Pounsett, Edie Inksetter, Anthony Ulc, Stuart Hughes, Tatum Lee, Carter Musselman, Aimee Lenihan, Kylie Lenihan, Sonia Gascón, Elizabeth Saunders, Becky Wolf, Kelly Van der Burg
Collections:      Andy Muschietti
Original Title:  It


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Country:                 United States of America
Language:             English
Release Date:       17 August 2017

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Runtime:  2 h 15 min
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