Loving (2016)

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Loving (2016)

PG-13 123 min - Opens 4 November 2016
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Tagline: All love is created equal.

Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, married in Virginia 1958. Authorities broke into their home, arrested them, and they were sentenced to a year in the state penitentiary. This sentence was suspended on the condition that they be exiled from the state of Virginia. Richard and Mildred would spend the next nine years fighting to get home. All of this, because Richard was a white man and Mildred a part black, part Cherokee woman.

Director:   Jeff Nichols
Writers:     Jeff Nichols
Stars:         Ruth Negga, Joel Edgerton, Michael Shannon, Marton Csokas, Sharon Blackwood, Nick Kroll, Bill Camp, Alano Miller, Terri Abney, Terri Abney, Jon Bass, David Jensen, Scott Wichmann, Mark Huber, Quinn McPherson, Smith Harrison, Michael Abbott Jr., Brenan Young, James Matthew Poole, Chris Greene, Christopher Mann, Coley Campany, Sheri Lahris, Benjamin Loeh, Jordan Dickey, Bridget Gethins, Coby Batty, Chris Condetti, Chris Condetti, Logan J. Woolfolk, Robert Haulbrook, Will Dalton, Andrene Ward-Hammond, Keith Tyree, Karen Vicks, Pryor Ferguson, James Nevins, Georgia Crawford, Tom Lancaster, D.L. Hopkins, Lonnie M Henderson, Lance Lemon, Brian Thomas Wise, Ken Holliday, Terry Menefee Gau, Marc Anthony Lowe, Micah Claiborne, Jevin Crochrell, W. Keith Scott, Jay SanGiovanni, Jennifer Joyner, Tyrell Ford, Devin Cleckley, James Atticus Abebayehu, Jim D. Johnston, Derick Newson, Winter-Lee Holland, Miles Hopkins, Kenneth William Clarke, Dalyn Cleckley, Robert Furner, Victoria Chavatel Jimison, Darrick Claiborne, Raymond H. Johnson
Collections:                    Jeff Nichols
Composer:                      David Wingo
Cinematographer:        Adam Stone
Original Title:               Loving


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Country:                 United Kingdom United States of America
Language:             English
Release Date:       4 November 2016

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Big Beach Films, Raindog Films

Technical Specs

Runtime:  2 h 03 min
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