Mayday (2021)

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Mayday (2021)

NR 100 min - Opens 1 October 2021
Fantasy, Drama, Action
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An unusual storm is approaching, and it’s about to change everything for Ana. After a short circuit at her workplace mysteriously transports her to an alternate world, she meets a crew of female soldiers caught in an endless war. Along a strange and rugged coastline, men face the stark truth lurking behind damsels who appear to be in distress. Under the leadership of Marsha, Ana trains as a sharpshooter and discovers a newfound freedom in this uninhibited sisterhood. She soon senses she may not be the ruthless killer they expect, though, and time is running out for her to find a path home.

Director:   Karen Cinorre
Writers:     Karen Cinorre
Collections:      Karen Cinorre
Composer:        Colin Stetson
Original Title:  Mayday


Country:                 United States of America
Language:             English
Release Date:       1 October 2021

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Runtime:  1 h 40 min
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