Planet of the Humans (2020)

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Planet of the Humans (2020)

NR 100 min - Opens 21 April 2020
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Forget all you have heard about how “Renewable Energy” is our salvation. It is all a myth that is very lucrative for some. Feel-good stuff like electric cars, etc. Such vehicles are actually powered by coal, natural gas… or dead salmon in the Northwest. Streaming free on Youtube.

Tagline: Presented by Michael Moore.
Director:   Jeff Gibbs
Producer:  Jeff Gibbs, Ozzie Zehner
Writers:     Jeff Gibbs
Stars:         Catherine Andrews, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, Mike Brune
Collections:      Jeff Gibbs
Composer:        Heather Kreamer
Original Title:  Planet of the Humans


Official Website:
Country:                 United States of America
Language:             English
Release Date:       21 April 2020

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Company Credits

Production Companies:  Huron Mountain Films, Rumble Media

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Runtime:  1 h 40 min
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