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The 355 (2022)

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The 355 (2022)

PG-13 122 min - Opens 7 January 2022
Action, Thriller
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Tagline: Work together or die alone.

A group of top female agents from government agencies around the globe try to stop an organization from acquiring a deadly weapon to send the world into chaos.

Director:   Simon Kinberg
Writers:     Simon Kinberg, Theresa Rebeck
Stars:         Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong'o, Penélope Cruz, Diane Kruger, Fan Bingbing, Sebastian Stan, Edgar Ramírez, Emilio Insolera, Jason Wong, Leo Staar, Raphael Acloque, Hiten Patel, Evie Wray, Toby Sauerback, Francisco Labbe, Waleed Elgadi, Martyn Mayger, Nina Kumar, Atul Sharma, Alexis Barbosa, Michelle Thomas, Paul O'Kelly, Amanda Rabinowitz, Sam Shoubber, Maurice Sardison, David Olawale Ayinde, Marta Svetek, Steve Saunders, Mick Slaney, Oleg Kricunova, Yoon C. Joyce, Jag Patel, Emily Ng, Bodo Friesecke, Michael Haydon, Amra Mallassi, Metin Hassan, Dee Pearce, Keith Lomas, Nicholas Blatt, Mariia Legun, David Yu, Gino Picciano, Patrick Loh, Toni Beard, Peter Trevor, Al Clark, Graham Burton, Chris Grifoni, Jeremy Oliver, Lee Simmons, Yun Lai, Adam Strawford, Rina Yadav, Zsuzsanna Biro, Graham J. Reeves, Indy Singh, Lee Wilkinson, Maryam Hashemi
Collections:      Simon Kinberg
Composer:        Junkie XL
Original Title:  The 355


Official Website:
Country:                 China United States of America
Language:             English
Release Date:       7 January 2022

Box Office

Budget:  $75,000,000

Technical Specs

Runtime:  2 h 02 min
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