The Immortal (2019)

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The Immortal (2021)

18 115 min - Opens 29 July 2021
Crime, Drama, Thriller
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After reuniting with his first mentor Bruno and receiving his latest mission, an exiled Ciro is left to fearlessly confront whatever comes his way, navigating a new chapter of gang warfare while grappling with devastating memories of loss and trauma. Weaving between his past as an orphan in Naples' cruel underworld and present as a hardened, cunning assassin with nothing left to lose, Ciro is plunged into the cold, dark depths of a world where immortality is just another form of damnation. HBO Max.

Director:   Marco D'Amore
Writers:     Marco D'Amore, Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli, Francesco Ghiaccio
Collections:      Marco D'Amore
Composer:        Mokadelic
Original Title:  L'Immortale


Country:                 Italy
Language:             Italian
Release Date:       29 July 2021

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Company Credits

Production Companies:  Cattleya, Vision Distribution, Beta Film

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 55 min
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