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The Outfit (2022)

The Outfit - Movie Poster

The Outfit (2022)

R 106 min - Opens 18 March 2022
Drama, Crime, Thriller
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Tagline: Every suspect fits a pattern.

Leonard is an English tailor who used to craft suits on London’s world-famous Savile Row. After a personal tragedy, he’s ended up in Chicago, operating a small tailor shop in a rough part of town where he makes beautiful clothes for the only people around who can afford them: a family of vicious gangsters.

Director:   Graham Moore
Writers:     Johnathan McClain
Collections:      Graham Moore
Composer:        Alexandre Desplat
Original Title:  The Outfit


Country:                 United States of America
Language:             English
Release Date:       18 March 2022

Box Office

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Focus Features, FilmNation Entertainment

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 46 min
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