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Wicked Little Letters (2023)

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R 100 min - Opens 5 April 2024
Comedy, Drama
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Tagline: Be careful what you post.

A 1920s English seaside town bears witness to a dark and absurd scandal in this riotous mystery comedy. Based on a stranger than fiction true story, the film follows two neighbours: deeply conservative local Edith Swan and rowdy Irish migrant Rose Gooding. When Edith and fellow residents begin to receive wicked letters full of unintentionally hilarious profanities, foul-mouthed Rose is charged with the crime. The anonymous letters prompt a national uproar, and a trial ensues. However, as the town’s women - led by Police Officer Gladys Moss - begin to investigate the crime themselves, they suspect that something is amiss, and Rose may not be the culprit after all.

Director:   Thea Sharrock
Writers:     Jonny Sweet
Collections:        Thea Sharrock
Composer:       Isobel Waller-Bridge
Cinematographer:    Ben Davis
Original Title:      Wicked Little Letters


Country:         United Kingdom
Language:       English
Release Date:    5 April 2024

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 40 min
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Summary / Coverage of Wicked Little Letters (2023)

Script coverage for the movie “Wicked Little Letters” (2023): 

  1. Script Details:
  • Type of Material: Feature film screenplay.
  • Title: Wicked Little Letters.
  • Number of Pages: Approximately 90 pages.
  • Author: Jonny Sweet.
  • Draft Date: The latest draft date is not specified.
  • Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama.
  • Circa (Time-Frame): Set in the 1920s.
  • Location: An English seaside town called Littlehampton.
  1. Logline:
  • When people in Littlehampton, including conservative local Edith, begin to receive letters full of hilarious profanities, rowdy Irish migrant Rose is charged with the crime. Suspecting that something is amiss, the town’s women investigate.
  1. Comment Summary:
  • The script balances comedy, crime, and drama effectively, creating an engaging premise.
  • The mystery surrounding the wicked letters keeps the audience intrigued.
  • The clash between deeply-conservative Edith and foul-mouthed Rose adds depth to the story.
  1. Quality Assessment:
  • Concept: GOOD
  • Storyline: EXCELLENT
  • Structure: GOOD
  • Characters: GOOD
  • Dialogue: GOOD
  1. Synopsis:
  • In a 1920s English seaside town, conservative Edith Swan and rowdy Irish migrant Rose Gooding become embroiled in a scandal when residents start receiving wicked letters filled with unintentionally hilarious profanities. Rose is charged with the crime, leading to a national uproar and a trial. As the town’s women investigate, they suspect that Rose might not be the true culprit.
  1. Detailed Comments:
  • The script successfully blends humor, mystery, and social commentary.
  • The pacing keeps the audience engaged throughout.
  • Character development is strong, especially for Edith and Rose.
  • The courtroom scenes are well-crafted.
  1. Character Analysis:
  • Edith Swan: Deeply conservative, conflicted, and central to the scandal.
  • Rose Gooding: Foul-mouthed, accused of writing the letters, but her true role remains a mystery.
  • Police Officer Gladys Moss: Leads the investigation.
  1. Theme Analysis:
  • Themes include societal norms, female empowerment, and the power of words.
  1. Technical Analysis:
  • The script effectively captures the 1920s setting.
  • Dialogue is witty and suits the characters.
  1. Potential Box Office:
  • The unique premise and strong performances could attract audiences.
  1. Box Office Projections:
  • Moderate success, especially with positive word-of-mouth.
  1. Overall Evaluation:
  • A well-executed comedy-drama with memorable characters.
  1. Project Recommendation:
  • RECOMMEND for production.
  1. Writer Recommendation:
  • Jonny Sweet’s script demonstrates skill in balancing humor and drama.
  1. Script Recommendation:
  • CONSIDER for production.
  1. Summary Review of Reviews Online:
  • Reviews on IMDb praise the performances of Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley, but some find the script lacking nuance and ambiguity [1] [ ] [2] [ ] [3] [ ] [4] [ ] [5].

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