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You Won’t Be Alone (2022)

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R 108 min - Opens 1 April 2022
Drama, Thriller, Horror
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Tagline: It's a wicked thing this world.

In an isolated mountain village in 19th century Macedonia, a young feral witch accidentally kills a peasant. She assumes the peasant's shape to see what life is like in her skin, igniting a deep seated curiosity to experience life inside the bodies of others.

Director:   Goran Stolevski
Writers:     Goran Stolevski
Collections:        Goran Stolevski
Composer:       Mark Bradshaw
Cinematographer:    Matthew Chuang
Original Title:      You Won't Be Alone


Country:         Australia United Kingdom
Language:       Macedonian
Release Date:    1 April 2022

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Runtime:  1 h 48 min
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